Jacked Up Coffee Bar

Jacked Up Coffee Bar has teamed up with French Truck Coffee based in New Orleans, Louisiana to make sure that we not only provide the best premium coffee to the Mississippi Gulf Coast but to also provide a unique experience in our area.

-Dixie Newman, Jacked Up Coffee Bar Owner

​French Truck Coffee was inspired by a bag of coffee brought to me in 2009 by a cousin from San Francisco. The coffee had been roasted only two days before I made a cup, and drinking it was an experience I will never forget.

It opened my eyes to a concept that is at the core of all good food: use the best, freshest ingredients you can, treat them properly, serve them immediately, and the results will always be better than mass-produced.

We buy the best beans we can find, roast them in small batches, and get them to you promptly. Your coffee’s roast date is right on the bag so you know exactly how fresh your coffee is.

-Geoffrey Meeker, French Truck Coffee Owner

999 Howard Ave #2, Biloxi, MS 39530 (228) 207-5361 jackedupcoffeebars.com


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