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Reunion at the Union Highlights 2019

The time has come to celebrate the completion of the Howard Avenue Pavement Project and the City of Biloxi wasted no time taking to the streets.

Getting back to the way things used to be is and has always been the goal of the City of Biloxi. Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich said, “We’re honoring our heritage and looking into the future. With the new Howard Avenue, we replaced a lot of things that were here. Multiple generations turned out today to celebrate and hey we’re ready to rock and roll.”

Rock and rolling with the ‘Reunion at the Union’ in downtown Biloxi, it was time to celebrate. There was live music, food, and fun for the kids. Pat Wylie with the Biloxi Main Street Association says it’s definitely been a long time coming. “It’s so interesting that we’ve gone through generations of urban development back and forth to one lane and we’re going back to the original two lane traffic along Howard Avenue so people can have more fun and come down here. We’re hoping to attract breweries and restaurants and everybody to have a good time.”

Biloxi resident Frankie Duggan is a life-long Biloxi resident. He says with the new street face-lift things could really pick up for downtown. “This is my Biloxi, seeing Howard Avenue open back up to two lane traffic. I think business will start to flourish now. People have somewhere they can park and enjoy themselves. It’s absolutely wonderful.” Source

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